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JAN SEWA PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHAN (JSPS) was established in 1992 with an avowed objective rectifying ills that have crept into our social system and rendering valuable services to disadvantage and ghettoized of our population and working for their socio-economic upliftment, educational and consciousness.

The state of Utter Pradesh, and particularly in eastern area, in general had innumerable problems. Intervention on each sector is a crying need of the hour. The woman, child, old disabled belonging to the lower strata of the society have been marginalized to a great extent. The woes and agonies of the people belonging to minority communities and scheduled caste knew no bounds give their lowest control over the productive resources. Ignorance owing to illiteracy and health problems due to unhygienic living pattern has worsened their conditions. Environmental degradation, population explosion, spread of AIDS, Drug Abuse, Communal Conflict and unemployment is some of the common problems normally encountered here. Understanding the need of immediate and direct intervention. A group of individual came together under the guidance and leadership of Mr.Rambachan Bharti to register JAN SEWA PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHAN and sine than it took to itself the responsibilities of working for the above causes.

The vision may be summed up as socio-economic empowered society where people's self-sufficiency and self reliance is not mired by incapability illiteracy and narrow-mindedness.

the mission of the organization is empower each person or the community irrespective of caste, creed or disadvantage it may be, to bring them to maim stream of the society.

JSPS is committed to practices good governance because it understands that it draws upon public funds and private donations.
  • JSPS has a governing Board and also it discloses name, age sex, work experiences and position of board members.
  • No Board Members of JSPS have remunerative role.
  • That the Board meets at last twice a year with
  • quorum as stipulates in its own Bye-Laws
  • That all remuneration and reimbursement to board member are being disclosed.
  • That minutes of Board meeting are documented and being circulated.

    That the organization has been articulating the need of the beneficiaries through its vision and mission, activities and programme.
    That it does not indulge in illegal activity.
  • That it adheres to all the 'Rules and regulation' of the organization.
  • That it follows all laws of the country.

    That it does not indulge in illegal activity.
  • That it adheres to all the 'Rules and regulation' of the organization.
  • That it follows all laws of the country.

    JSPS is accountable and transport to persons inside and outside the organization who are interested and involved. This includes the community Served and the public donors and volunteers.

    signed audited statements are available on demand. It includes Balance sheet, income and Expenditure statements, Receipt and payment account, schedules to these, notes on account and the statutory auditor's report.

    the organization Annual report is disseminated/ communicated to the community and others and is made available on request every year, within 8 months of the organization financial year.
    That the board is having a written policy on purchases, disposable, sale of asserts, investment etc to gain comparative advantage to the organization, this also ensures transparency.

  • JSPS is registered under Indian Societies Registration Act-XXI of 1860.
  • JSPS has been granted registration under section 12A of the income Tax Varanasi. Uttar Pradesh, Indian.
  • JSPS has been grantee registration under section 6(1) of the foreign contribution (Regulation) Act. 1976 by Ministry Of Home affairs, Govt. Of Indian, for 13644004

  • JSPS is recognized under section 80-g of the Income Tax Act, 1961 By the commissioner of income,Varanasi Utter Pradesh. donation made to JSPS shall qualify deduction u/s. 80g in the hands of donors.

    In order to fulfill the vision and mission, JAN SEWA PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHAN has worked out the following short and long term objectives.
  • To improve the education status of the region though removal of illiteracy, action for school dropout children though non-formal schooling for private children & skill development though technical/vocational education.
  • Working for the rights employment of Dalit community though proving educational support.
  • Formation of people's organization in which Dailt has a prominent place & stay.
  • To fights for land rights for Dalit.
  • Raise voices against violence against Dalit and Woman
  • To improve the health status of the community the region
  • Support for the growth and development of children and empowerment of woman.(SHG)
  • Promotion of Micro credit and reconstruction rural economy by initiating income generation Activities, suitable alternative strategies for the benefiting the rural poor.
  • Protection of Bio-diversity, conservation of forest resources, pollution control and natural disaster preparedness though people's participation.
  • Mahila Rojgar Prashiksan Progremme and MGNREGA, PDS, Government Sachem Awareness programme.
  • National environmental and plantation Program.
  • Water Sanitations and hazing Program.
  • Nutrition MDM and Social Audit Program.
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